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Real Leather

by Leather Boys

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LEATHER BOYS SHOUT ROCK Now we live in the streets And we fight for the show Feel the pain in our veins And we´re losing control When shitty music sounds We´ll go to kill em all Then we´ll go to L.A. Leather boys shout rock Chorus: Leather boys shout rock I´m fuckin you I´m suckin you I´m rockin you and It feels all right When the girls came to me I had something for all A big love in my pants To play rock all night long Now you listen to me Rock the world that you know And I want make you scream Leather boys shout rock (Chorus)
Long Road 04:27
LONG ROAD Riding all the day, Riding all the night today Ride across the nation, Ride for the long long … Riding in the city, Riding with my motorbike Riding in the streets, Ride for the long long road Chorus I : Long road Highway to hell Long road Running like the wind Riding all the day, Riding all the night today Ride across the nation, Ride for the long long … Riding in the city, Riding with my motorbike Riding in the streets, Ride for the long long road (Chorus I) Highway to hell Running like the … Chorus II : Wheels motor gasoline I´m in love with my bike X2 A little bit faster A little bit hotter A little bit harder It´s the way I like it X2 It´s the way she likes it It´s the way I like it It´s the way she runs alone she running more she runs for love (Solo) (Chorus II) X2 (Chorus I) X2 From dawn to dusk and we´re running …fast
Halo of Hell 04:52
HALO OF HELL Her appereance is striking That is what people say The beautiful they call her When she is far away When she’s coming to me Something goes wrong Nobody wants to be Where she´s gonna go Chorus: Many people fall in her dark webs They don´t know it but, It´s too late for them Her smell is rotten, Don´t let yourself Get caught in the halo of hell X2 Halo of hell X3 Always goes with her But nobody knows A leather boy was there In his almost last show (Chorus) (Solo) halo of hell
ONLINE TEACHER I have a problem with the language again I need to put English in vein I find a girl that corrects all my words What she taught to me, nobody knows Through the web we connect our mails Internet saved my live today She´s like a dictionary and never fails With her help I found my way Chorus: Online teacher she´s my preacher From Barcelona to the Swedish nation She talked to me in the still of the night But now I can explain all the words in my mind X2 Now I speak in English very fast And My voice is better that it was Leather boys are ready for this world Only Spain is a little bit for us Thank you girl, when you lived in the cold You Give hot to all the rhymes for us And I think that my words go so far From the earth to the valley of mars (Solo) Online teacher she´s my preacher X4 (Chorus) Nananana nana naaa nanana nana naaa X2 Nanana nananaaa nananana na na na X2
ROCK AND ROLL BLOWJOB That´s the way we wanna r´n´r , when we´re living Fast and we´re feeling hot It´s allright, now it´s time to go, when the days are short and the nights are long All the posers don´t play r´n´r ,they don´t know what´s right, their songs are wrong Fuckin´attitude, It´s my way of life, It´s the law and the only rule Oh Yeah X2 With the girls all night, leather boys are Strong, they make our lifes, the best way to go Come here Darling, your time has come, your body shaking makes rule the World Help me mamma to find the pleasure and lift me up to a state of shock Thank you babe, your work is done, the night starts soon, now it´s time to explode Oh Yeah X2 Chorus: R´n´r Blowjob r´nr blowjob r´n´r blowjob It´s my way of life R´n´r Blowjob r´n’r blowjob r´n´r blowjob makes me feel alive X2 Hear the sound of the drums, are hitting the ground the sound of the bass is making it loud The sound of guitars are breakin´ you down Hear the sound of my voice and don´t make a noise Let´s go to my bus I’ll teach you a class And don´t you have fear my cock is now near This is the sound and you feel it It´s for real Now, It´s your deal Babe come here Don´t have fear (Chorus) X3 Feel alive Rock and roll
SEARCHIN´ FOR A BAD GIRL Chorus: Searchin´ for a bad girl In New York city Lookin´ for a girl With dirty regrets Searchin´ for a bad girl Older than sixteen Lookin´ for a girl Or less than fifty Searchin´ for a bad girl In L.A. city Lookin´ for a girl With dirty secrets Walkin´ through the streets and I find your track Smelled like a woman with an obscured past I saw you babe in a stripper club Dancing like a snake with sensual lust You looked at me, and grapped my back I told you baby … You looked at me, and grapped my back I told you baby, Leave your dance at the lap (Chorus) They say that your fragance is like mortal poison Baby I don´t care , i´m immune of your lotion Give me a little bit of your bad medicine I don´t need no doctor, now you can see (Solo) Searchin in New York city For a bad girl For a hot girl Searchin in L.A. city For a bad girl For a hot girl Lookin for A dirty girl A sexy girl Lookin for you baby For you baby (Chorus)
Tunning Girl 03:16
TUNNING GIRL Let me tell you a story About a good good girl She´s a great woman And i´m in love with her But I have a little problem She has the beauty inside But her attractive is a little thin There´s no problem that money can´t repair Plastic surgeon is the key Silicone her tits Plastic in her ass Make a liposuction Operated lips Now is very fast doing reconstruction Chorus: Ooooooh she´s my tunning girl Baby Yeah remade like vince neil Ooooooh she´s my tunning girl Don´t fear Baby remade like Vince neil He can change your nose Make it fit its place Thank you doctor feelgood There´s no time to lose Lifting in her face Only healthy real food Silicone her tits Plastic in her ass Make a liposuction Operated lips Now is very fast doing reconstruction (Chorus) Baby you´re tunning girl Call me doctor frankenstein . . . .
THIRSTY OF BLOOD Walking through the sand and i´m feeling ok The sun burns my head like a little hell I came to the desert and I found my way And all that you said I don´t give a damn You need me But I don´t Now It feels like a rolling stone You call me But i´m deaf I´ll only stops when I find my death Don´t follow me, again Don´t follow me X2 When I´ll find the man that killed my love It doesn´t matter if I die or not I just wanna have peace in my soul Because i´m thirsty of his blood When I´ll find the man that killed my love I´ll crash his head in a bath of blood When I´ll find this man I will lose control Because I´m thirsty of his blood Thirsty Blood Thirsty Of his blood (Solo) (Repeat all)
SWEET EASY GIRL I arrived at this town And a girl came to me I don´t know her but it doesn´t care She is the kind of girl That don´t need presentation Beacause her acts answer all the questions Chorus: Why don´t you dance with me? Sweet easy girl I wanna make you all night All that you said Why are you angry with me? Sweet easy girl I only say what you want Open your … When she ain´t here I search in every corner All that she makes, nobody makes it Like a gimnastic Porno russian girl She´s made of plastic, with her boobs, Fantastic (Chorus) Now it´s time to show , All the things you know X2 You´re the chosen one, Sweet easy girl You´re the best i have, Sweet easy girl Sweet easy (Solo) (Chorus) X2 Aassssssssssssssssssssss
VALLEY OF BROKEN DICKS Chorus: She´s cryin´ She´s lyin´ She´s cryin´ She´s fuckin´ in the valley of broken dicks X2 It´s the story of a girl With a sexual problem in her fuckin´ life When she´s making love Her pussy destroys every cock penetrating inside (Chorus) She was desperate Nobody can keep the rhythm of her sex But it ain´t late One day she will find someone that make it best Walkin´ in the boulevard one man had appears He is like a cowboy, and he drinks a beer She Doesn´t know that he´s a leather boy With a leather cock, now she´s gonna enjoy She´s gonna enjoy A leather cock Unbreakable X2 (Solo) Unbreakable X3 (Chorus)


Historia grupo:

-El grupo se formó a finales de 2006 cuando dos amantes de la música Luis miguel Díaz Valdés (nacido en Avilés) y Luis Alberto Herrero Sariego (procedente deVistrimir) se conocieron en Avilés en cierta tienda de disco que regentaba este último. Teniendo ambos gustos musicales similares comenzaron a hablar de montar un grupo inspirado en los grandes grupos de Hard rock de los 80 y 70.
Empezaron a componer y emprendieron su andadura con varios conciertos acústicos, los cuales obtuvieron buena repercusión tanto de público como de crítica, por lo que decidieron dar el paso a completar la banda para poder realizar conciertos eléctricos. Se les unió a la guitarra Ricardo Herreo Sariego (hermano de Luis Alberto ) que tocaba en grupos de la escena de Mieres como “The burning lust” o Fago Cowboys” , tambien reclutaron bajista y batería, aunque a lo largo de estos años han tenido varios cambios de formación, actualmente toca la batería Victor Hugo Sanchez y al bajo el ex tierra de nadie Sabih Bluesman.


-A finales de 2008 se presentaron a concurso con el tema “We´re Livin´in a Bar”para ser el representante Español de Eurovisión en el festival de 2009 celebrado en Rusia. La selección se hizo a traves de Internet con votos del público, quedando seleccionados entre mas de 1000 concursantes y pasando a un casting para RTVE junto a otro 30 participantes, contra todo pronóstico consiguieron ser seleccionados junto a otros 9 concursantes y consiguieron actuar en TVE1 en las galas televisadas presentadas por Alaska donde acabó ganando Soraya conocida por su paso por OT, ya que el jurado quiso enviar lo mismo de siempre en vez de arriesgar por un producto nuevo.
Después de ese breve éxito, con algún concierto esporádico el grupo se planteo grabar su disco debut, el cual se retraso hasta finales de 2010 por cambios en la base rítmica de nuevo.

Grabación de “Real Leather”:

-En octubre de 2010 despues de barajar varios productores entraron a grabar su disco debut “Real Leather” en los estudios Bunker de Posada de Llanera con Alberto Rionda (Avalanch) en las labores de producción, para finalizar a ultimos de diciembre con el master. Consiguiendo un sonido personal rockero con influencias del metal pero con algún toque Glam bautizando su sonido como “Leather Rock” en la onda de bandas como Guns and roses, Mötley crüe, Kiss o The Cult.
En el disco hay varias colaboraciones como la del propio Alberto Rionda que toca guitarra en algún tema y teclados, A Nelson (Chile) de capitán Cavernicola Blues Band tocando la Armónica o Flichy de Fago Cowboys ayudando en las labores de coros.

Band history

The band was formed by the end of the year 2006, when two lovers of the music, Luis Miguel Diaz Valdes ( born in Aviles, Asturias) and Luis Alberto Herrero Sariego ( original from Vistrimir, Mieres, Asturias ) met in Aviles at the shop owned by this second. They both had similar musical likes and started to talk about forming a band inspired by the great hard rock bands from the 80’s and 90’s
They started composing and began their way playing several acoustic concerts which had good impact on both audience and critic, so they decided to go one step forward and complete the band in order to do electric shows. Ricardo Herrero Sariego, Luis Alberto’s brother, joined the band as a guitar player, who was known for playing in bands such as “The Burning Lust” or “Fago Cowboys” from the musical scene of Mieres. They also recruited bassist and drummer, who have been changing thoughout the years of the band’s history.


At the end of the year 2008 the decided to enter a contest to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Russia in 2009. The first selection was held on the Internet, where the audience could vote and rate for the band’s song We’re livin’ in a bar, and they were chosen amongst more than one thousand bands, so they had to do the casting for RTVE with thirty more artists. Against all predictions, they got to be in the TVE1 channel tv show, presented by Alaska, lead vocals of the band Fangoria, with nine more artists.
They didn’t win, the final jury’s choice was Soraya, a melodic singer that was famous for her participation in Operación Triunfo (the spanish edition of American Idol), the jury didn’t want a change, in style, so instead of giving a chance to rock, they chose the same as always.
After this slight success, they made some sporadic shows, and finally they decided to start recording their debut work, which was delayed until the late 2010 because of a change in the rhytmical base again.

Recording of Real Leather

In October of the year 2010, and after juggling with several producers, they started recording their debut album Real Leather at the Bunker Studios with producer Alberto Rionda from Avalanch, and by the end of December of 2010 Real Leather was finally mastered. They got a very personal sound, known as “Leather Rock”, influenced by metal and glam rock, and in the wave of bands such as Mötley Crüe, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Kiss, Metallica or Bon Jovi.
In the album we can find some contributions, for example Alberto Rionda playing guitar and keyboard, A Nelson (Chile) from Capitan Cavernicola Blues Band playing the harmonic, or Flichi, from the Fago Cowboys in the backing vocals.


released May 1, 2011

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en los Bunker estudios. Posada de LLanera (Asturias).
Producido por Alberto Rionda.


all rights reserved



Leather boys Principado de Asturias, Spain

Voice-“Leather Rose”
Guitar 1 –“Leather Sex”
Guitar 2 –“Leather Dirty Duke"
Drums –“Leather Skelter”
Bass –“Leather Latin Lover”

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